Planning and time management solution

A smart, modular resource planning solution (planning, bonuses, TAM, dashboard) that is accessible via smartphone, fully customizable, and deployable in France and abroad. WeDev solutions are supported by We Transform Consulting teams, to help with transformation programmes and ensure handover to central HR, retail and point-of-sale teams.



Improve your flexibility and productivity with a simple, intuitive and smart planning tool

  • Schedule entry 
  • Can be viewed and modified on mobile devices
  • Management of contracts
  • Hours of sale recommendations
  • Real-time management of variation in working hours
  • HR alerts to ensure compliance with HR rules
  • Management of the pooling of employees among several sites
  • Management of hour and holiday meters
  • Multi-country solutions
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Simple and intuitive shop planning

In one click, the shop manager can see their turnover target, allocate staff hours by activity type, view planned hours in real time, view HR alerts in case of non-compliance with HR rules, manage their administrative tasks (merchandising, orders, deliveries, etc.), pool some of their staff and switch from one schedule to another, manage their hours balance, view overtime paid at a higher rate, and print their weekly schedule, holiday schedule or even individual time sheets.

Day or week views

In one click, the shop manager can switch from a schedule view to a day view to ensure effective staff allocation and organization of breaks. Tasks can be changed very easily and there is a daily reminder of hours targets and recommendations.

A schedule that can be viewed and changed on a smartphone

Schedule view can be accessed on a smartphone. The shop manager can therefore view and change the daily overview of a member of staff.
This view can also be accessed by each staff member every day to inform them of their schedule, their break times, their hours balance and their accrued holidays

Instant access to hours and holiday meters

The shop manager can view the balances of their staff at any time: holidays, working time reduction, hours balance, other hours.
This data can be changed easily at head office if it needs to be adjusted by payroll.

A la carte modules

Automate the reporting of hours and bonuses to payroll (TAM) and manage productivity at points of sale


Stop HR deviations
Avoid reprocessing of payslips

  • Automatic reporting of hours and attendance
  • Inbound and outbound interfaces with payroll publishers
  • Daily rejections
  • Flexible management of HR rules
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Automate the reporting of hours and attendance to payroll

A flexible solution that allows for the implementation of the necessary interfaces with the payroll publisher according to the client’s needs

  • Inbound or outbound interface: contracts
  • Outbound interfaces: meters, bonuses and overtime paid at a higher rate, attendance
  • Daily rejections
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces
  • Management of all account balances 
  • Monitoring tools for payroll elements before interface
  • Great flexibility to include HR regulations specific to each entity or country


Approve your collective and individual bonuses in the solution

  • Flexible setting of bonuses
  • Includes all kinds of bonuses
  • Simple and fun online approval
  • Secure approval by profile
  • Simplified management through access to the dashboard
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Automate the management of bonuses: greater reliability, greater transparency, greater organization

We offer great flexibility in the setting of all types of bonuses.
The approval of bonuses is simple and intuitive. Pop-ups provide details on all the rules for calculating each bonus. Rules for pro-rata calculation are included in the setting of each bonus.
Access to bonus indicators on your smartphone enables effective management.


Real-time access to key HR retail indicators on your smartphone

  • Customization of indicators
  • Business: turnover, costs, % bonuses OK
  • Productivity: turnover/FTE, turnover/hours worked
  • HR KPIs: workforce, FTE/workforce, absenteeism, holidays, planning entry
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Manage point-of-sale productivity and all HR retail indicators 

The Dashboard module allows you to set key indicators, including business, productivity, HR and organization, in real time and accessible on your smartphone.

A reporting format, which can be accessed on a PC, allows you to archive all reporting data and perform comparative analysis by period or by point-of-sale cluster 


Speed up skills transformation through an e-learning module

  • Access on PC and smartphone
  • Ease of management
  • Attractive ergonomic design
  • Customisation of modules
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Support the skills development of staff across the entire retail HR program

The e-learning module provides simple, fun, effective training content that can be accessed in the solution in 1 click.

The point-of-sale manager can do their e-learning module on a PC or smartphone in 10 minutes. The training focuses on business and the proper use of the solution. Issues are identified for the year and modules are made available on an ad-hoc basis to cover each issue: point-of-sale organization, productivity, HR rules, etc.


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